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Connor Alexander- Lead guitar, vocals

Charlie Shearon- Drums, vocals

Kody Harrell- Guitar, vocals


Woodstomp was lucky enough to learn from Garry and Cedric Burnside on the front porch of R.L. Burnsides house. After touring with their band The Burnside Exploration for several years, Woodstomp went out on their own and they have created their own modern blues/rock sound. They continue to rock the Southern US and released their first album on iTunes in early 2017. Much more to come from these young musicians...


With deep North Mississippi Hill Country roots, these 3 native Mississipians create their own brand of heavy blues rock. If you like gritty guitars and powerful beats, you will not be disappointed.

**CLICK HERE for a link to our album**

"When My Train Comes Along"

Check out one of our favorite Mississippi Fred McDowell covers from the 2017 North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic. Please excuse Connor while he shreds!!

SoundCloud- Original Music

One of our favorite original songs that Connor wrote for his late Grandfather. Its a little laid back here, but it can definitely rock a little harder when we play it live..

"I Know I Done You Wrong"

Another one of our favorite new covers. This is " I Know I Done You Wrong" by Charles Caldwell.

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